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Bishop In Custody For Raping, Impregnating A Teen


Bishop In Custody For Raping, Impregnating A Teen

Police in the Eastern province has arrested Bishop Félicien Nkusi 44-year-old representative of AEBR (Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda) in Zaza sector, Ngoma district for allegedly impregnating a young girl while in his prayer room four years ago.

According to sources, Jean Claude Singirankabo, Zaza sector secretary executive said that the suspect does not deny the crime.

“Nkusi agrees that he impregnated the young lady in 2014 when she was 17 years old. She had come at his home for prayer and his wife thought they were just praying. The lady lives in Ruhembe cell as well,” Singirankabo said.

According to the victim, the child born to Nkusi is now three years old. The church is located in Makoma village, Ruhembe cell in Zaza sector, Ngoma district.

However, the Bishop continued providing support to the victim as well as paying health insurance for the baby, the secretary executive added.

Meanwhile, the police is holding the suspected clergyman in Zaza police station, Police Spokesperson in the Eastern Province CIP Kanamugire Théobald told local press, but added investigation is underway to identify as to whether the crime was committed in prayer room.

As per article 191 of the Penal Code, the punishment for this kind of crime ‘defilement’ attracts life imprisonment.

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