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Book Review: “Listen To Counsel And Seek Instruction.”

I must confess that am not an ardent reader of spiritual books. Nevertheless, I just read one. I read the 130-page book so fast than I have ever read any book. Pastor Jimmy, as they call him at his Potter’s Hand Church, is a genius. How he manages to drive intriguing lessons and captivating connections to God and a human soul left me wondering if this is not the begging of my love for spiritual or religious books.

Pastor James Muyango launched a new edition of his book “The Pathway to Destiny” on Saturday December 30, 2017 at Serena Hotel (he also was celebrating his decade-long marriage).

I bought his book. Before I left Serena, I was already dripping. I had engulfed two chapters already.

Let me just pick one chapter and share what I read that has added me value. The rest you will have to buy the book and read it.

In Chapter Five, Pastor Jimmy thrusts you in the heart with a life-changing lesson; only if you are willing to listen.

He says, “Listen to counsel and seek instruction.” When I read this, it felt like a knuckle in my heart. He says, “We need to be willing to learn; to cherish instructions.”

“All leaders began as wise followers. Many leaders have jumped the potter’s wheel unfinished simply because they could not bear the mentor’s authority being exercised over them.” Again, this line struck me in the middle of the heart. It is so true. I know what he was talking about.

He then goes on to say, “Many potential players have in different games have resigned from their respective teams simply because they could not bear with their coach’s rebukes.” Again, this made so much sense in my field because I have experienced it first hand. Basically, his message is simple. “If you have never been led, chances are, you will never lead.” I laughed when I read this line; so much wisdom in it.

Hey, for those who lived and studied in Uganda, Pastor Jimmy will drive your memories back in Primary school. He picked Walukaga’s story, the Blacksmith from the Nile English Course Book. This man was I wont tell you the story. Read the book.

I did not use any of the Bible quotes in the book, except the one he wrote on my book after he the launch. He signed in my book: “Dear Magnus, God bless you, Psalms 32:8.” I says: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

Next time I meet Pastor Jimmy, I will engage him on this verse. I am humble enough to admit my biblical ignorance.

If you need a copy of the book, write to me on WhatsApp number +250784507033 and I will claim a commission from the Pastor after the sale. No jokes!

About the Author

James (Jimmy) MUYANGO is the Senior Pastor of The Potter’s Hand Ministries & Churches in Rwanda (Africa). He earned his Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Rwanda in the College of Science and Technology (former KIST) and obtained a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). He worked as an engineer, project manager and consultant for the government of Rwanda, NGOs and the World Bank, respectively, before being called to serve in church. He is happily married to Sandra Umulisa and father of four children.; Tona, Tunga, Tanga and Toza.

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Brenda Uwubuntu January 5, 2018 at 5:59 pm

Magnus, a good viewpoint to which you summarized the book. Thanks for the preview. The knowledge you acquired from the book qualifies you as biblically informed. Next is Application. Make sure you meet the Pastor for further engagement. Yes, I should read the book too !

Pr Jimmy, we need more of this. Every Blessing !