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Uganda’s Intelligence Dumps Tortured Rwandan At Gatuna Boarder

Fidele Gatsinzi who was wrongly arrested in Uganda where he had gone to visit his son was on Friday December 22, dumped at the border by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

He was abandoned at the boarder with a handwritten noted that stated that he had been found in Uganda “without valid travel documents.”

However, the note shows Gatsinzi’s Identity Card, which should be a valid and sufficient travel document for members of the East African Community per arrangement of the Northern Corridor Initiative countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Upon arriving in Kigali, a weak and broken Gatsinzi narrated to the press corps how he had gotten arrested while visiting his son at school in Kampala and how he was taken to a CMI detention facility.

Gatsinzi’s story was eerily similar to Rene Rutagungira’s ordeal in CMI detention centres.

Gatsinzi was also tortured, and forced to confess to cases he knew nothing about. “My arms and legs were tied up on poles as CMI operatives beat me up until I could not speak,” he testified to journalists.

“They kept saying that they were to hurt me until they I confess to whatever allegations leveled against me. On several occasions, they were discussing methods they would use to kill me. I had given up on life.”

But Gatsinzi’s ordeal has an interesting twist. It is the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) that made the arrest before transporting him to a CMI detention center.

“On the morning of December 9, I took an early morning walk and along the way I stopped at Capital Shoppers mall to buy socks, as I went out, two men stopped me, I remember one of them is called Mukombozi,” he told journalists.

“They asked me to ‘come and greet’ someone called Rugema Kayumba, but I refused and they immediately dragged me towards him. Rugema told me that he is going to arrest me and rot in jail,” Gatsinzi, narrated.

From Capital Shoppers where he was picked up, he was thrown into a waiting vehicle that belongs to Kayumba Rugema’s wife. “They pushed me in the vehicle and drove me around for several hours as Rugema kept stopping and making phone calls,” he said. “Eventually they took me to Kireka and kept me there for some hours and later Rugema blindfolded me handed me to Mukombozi who took me to Mbuya Barracks where I was handed to CMI that immediately started interrogating me,” Gatsinzi said.

Interestingly, Capital Shoppers where Gatsinzi was picked up and bundled, is located right opposite a police station.

He was picked up in complete disregard for the police. For RNC to pick up someone in day light right opposite a police station shows just how much RNC is fully permitted to operate on Uganda’s soil with the support of the intelligence.

It is carrying out operations on Ugandan soil as though it is a legally mandated security entity of government.

RNC is emboldened to casually make an “arrest” without any effort to conceal the act.

Meanwhile, Gatsinzi surfaces after Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation protested the illegal arrest of innocent Rwandans, demanding their immediate release, and requesting that Uganda comes clean on its dealings with the RNC.

For months, media reports have been shedding light on the scheme involving CMI and RNC that is aimed at destabilizing Rwanda.

As CMI and RNC have intensified the recruitment of Rwandans in refugee camps in Uganda so has the targeting of innocent Rwandans on whom frivolous charges are brought (after being tortured, held incommunicado, and forced to confess) without informing their embassy in Kampala) in order to conceal this scheme.

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