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Umushyikirano Through A Student’s Mind

Diane Muhoza, a student representative from the Institute of Applied Sciences (INES-Ruhengeri) has been eagerly waiting to attend Umushyikirano.

She finally made it to the event, but she was jittery. A burning concern denied her comfort and all she needed was a chance to put her hands on the microphone and present her case.

She braved, and raised her hand. Unfortunately, she wasn’t picked. She sat down and gave it a pass.

Taarifa spoke to her.

Muhoza is bothered. Her former classmates and friends have lost hope. They are not in school. They discontinued their studies after schools in which they were admitted to were recently closed for not meeting the required standards.

“I am hoping that they will discuss how to find a solution for the problems in education, because students who stop their studies when their schools are closed are the most affected and it is very difficult for them to find another institutions,” Muhoza told Taarifa.

But Muhoza is not the only one yearning for changes and improvements. Even President Paul Kagame, who is chairing the national dialogue, mentioned it in his opening remarks.

He pointed out that there is need for improvement in the quality of education as a catalyst to achieve Rwanda’s desired goals.

Uzziel Ndagijimana, Minister of state in charge of economic planning in the Ministry of Finance, who spoke about the national strategies for transformation said that in order to create more jobs for the youth there must be changes in education.

“Increasing the number of jobs for the youth requires that much effort be put in education to ensure that children do not stop their studies,” Ndagijimana said.

Muhoza may not get an opportunity to speak, but she has been vindicated whatsoever.


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