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Statement: Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting


Statement: Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting

On Tuesday, 5th  December 2017, an Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Paul KAGAME, convened in Village URUGWIRO.

1.  The Cabinet Meeting approved minutes of previous Cabinet Meeting held on 8/11/2017 with minor adjustments.

2.  The  Cabinet  Meeting  was  briefed  on  the  Preparations  for  the  National Umushyikirano Council (NUC).

3.  The Cabinet Meeting approved the following papers:

a)  Creation of Kigali International Financial Center (KIFC);

b) Community-Based  Health  Insurance  (CBHI)  Financial  Sustainability Model;

c)  Made in Rwanda Policy and its Implementation Plan;

d) National Policy of Awarding National Orders;

e) Government forest co-management agreement between the Government of  Rwanda  and  GATARE  Tea  Company  Ltd  regarding  the following forests: Nyankenke A, Nyankenke B, Gakomeye, Shungwe, Mutazimiza, Shariyo, Shariyo-Rwambogo, Shariyo-Matare and Rwanyamwaso lacated in Mahembe, Kanjongo and Macuba Sectors of Nyamasheke District;

f)  Government forest co-management agreement between the Government of Rwanda and Rwanda Mountain Tea  regarding the following: Mashya IA, Mashya IB, Mashya IC, Mashya II, Rutare and Gapfunsi located in Gishwati in the Districts of Ngororero and Nyabihu;

g) Concession Agreement between the Government of Rwanda (GoR) and Rwanda Energy Group (REG) to operate, manage and maintain the following Government owned power plants:

Nyabarongo Power plant;

Jabana I Thermal Power Plant;

Jabana II Thermal Power Plant;

Mukungwa I Hydro Power Plant;

Ntaruka Hydro Power Plant;

Nshili Micro Hydro Power Plan;

Nyabahanga Micro Hydro Power Plant;

Gatsata Thermal Power Plant.

4. The Cabinet Meeting approved the following Draft Laws:

a) Draft Law approving ratification of the Loan Agreement signed in Kigali, Rwanda, on 29th  November 2017, between the Republic of Rwanda and the  African  Development  Bank,  relating  to  the  loan  of  one hundred twenty-one million and one hundred thirty-seven thousand American Dollars   (121,137,000   USD)   for   the   sustainable   water   supply  and sanitation program;

b) Draft Law approving ratification of the Loan Agreement signed in Kigali, Rwanda, on 29th  November 2017, between the Republic of Rwanda and the African Development Bank on behalf of the Africa Growing Together Fund, relating to the loan of Fifty Million American Dollars (50,000,000 USD) for the sustainable water supply and sanitation program;

c) Draft Law approving ratification of the Loan Agreement signed in Kigali, Rwanda, on 29th  November 2017, between the Republic of Rwanda and the African Development Fund, relating to the loan of Sixty Million American Dollars (UA 60,000,000) for the Skills and Business Development Programme;

d) Draft Law approving ratification of the Loan Agreement signed in Kigali, Rwanda on 4th December 2017, between the Republic of Rwanda and the International  Development  Association  (IDA)  relating  to  a  credit  of eighty-eight million and five hundred thousand Special Drawing Rights (SDR 88,500,000) (equivalent to USD 125 M) for the First Programmatic Energy Sector Development Policy Financing;

e)  Draft Law modifying and complementing Law Nº 14/2008 of 04/06/2008 governing registration of the population and issuance of the National Identity Card as modified and complemented to date.

5.  The Cabinet Meeting approved the following Orders:

a)  Presidential Order determining the nature, awarding and declaration of National Orders;

b) Prime Minister’s order determining organizational structure, salaries and fringe benefits for Employees of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB);

c) Prime  Minister’s  Order  transferring  land  of  155.9  ha  located  in Ruharambuga Sector, Nyamasheke District from the State Public domain to its Private domain and its allocation to Investor Gisakura Tea Company/GTC without competition;

d) Prime Minister’s Order appointing Prosecutors at Primary Level. These are:

1.  Ms. IGENA Marie Louise;

2.  Ms. UWIMANA Angelique;

3.  Mr. TWAGIRAYEZU Ildephonse.

e) Prime   Minister’s   Order   granting   retirement   to   Mr.   Augustin SEBUDANGA, who was the Chief Cabinet Notes Taker in the Office of the Prime Minister (PRIMATURE);

f) Prime  Minister’s  Order  granting  retirement  to  a  Mr.  Joseph RUTAKAMIZE,  who  was the  Head of Scientific Discipline and  Arts Curricula Service in Rwanda Education Board (REB);

g) Ministerial Order establishing Colleges of Rwanda Polytechnic Higher Learning Institution: College of Kigali, College of Ngoma, College of Karongi,  College  of  Huye,  College  of  Tumba,  College  of  Musanze, College of Gishari and College of Kitabi.

6.  The  Cabinet  Meeting  appointed  Mr.  KARANGWA  Charles  as  Director  of Public  Institutions Accommodation  and  Office Management  Unit  in  Rwanda Housing Authority.

7.  In A.O.B

a)  The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion informed the Cabinet Meeting that the 12th  National Children’s Summit is scheduled on 7th  December 2017 in the Parliamentary Building under the theme: “Positive Parenting: Foundation of the Rwanda we want”.

b) The Minister of Sports and Culture informed the Cabinet Meeting that:

  • The National Football Team “Amavubi” is participating in CECAFA tournament in Kenya from 3 to 17 December 2017.   Amavubi team is in group A with Kenya, Libya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.
  • Isonga Academy has participated in “Tournoi International du District d’Abidjan” bringing together 12 football academies from Africa and Europe. The games are scheduled from 1st to 6 December 6, 2017.

c)  The Minister of Youth informed the Cabinet Meeting that:The forthcoming National Itorero program is scheduled to take place at Gabiro from 6th  -16th  December, 2017. This year’s Itorero Urunana rw’Urungano program will attract more than 500 youth from across the Country more than a hundred youth from other countries. Topics to be discussed will focus on inculcating basic values among the youth particularly on Patriotism, fight against genocide ideology and national unity.

The  Intore  mu  Biruhuko  Program  started  on  25/11/2017  and  is scheduled to end on 13/01/2018. The program is particularly aimed at safeguarding youth from destructive activities during their holidays by engaging them in constructive programs such as promoting Rwandan cultural values, talent development, and those programs that deter against drug abuse. The youth will take part in developmental activities including participation in hygiene and sanitation activities in their communities, classroom construction and others.

d) The Minister of State in MINEDUC in charge of Primary and Secondary Education informed the Cabinet meeting that the 2018 school year calendar is composed of 39 weeks. It  is divided into three terms as follows:

  1. The first term is composed of 10 weeks, beginning on 22/01/2018 and ending on 29/03/2018;
  2. The  second  term  is  composed  of  15  weeks,  beginning  on 16/04/2018 and ending on 03/08/2018;
  3. The   third   term  is   composed   of  14   weeks,   beginning   on 21/08/2018 and ending on 23/11/2018.
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