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Zuckerberg Buys App For Good Teen Behaviour

Facebook has bought ‘tbh’, an app that encourages teenagers to say kind words to each other.

The nine week old app has been downloaded five million times, which attracted facebook, that later bought it for an amount that was not disclosed.

The apps initials ‘tbh’ stand for “to be honest.” The inventor says it will continue operating as a lone program but with more funding, after facebooks deal.

Reports say that the deal was less than $100million, including four individuals from tbh being facebook employees.

Tbh said on it webssite statement, that “When we met with Facebook, we realised that we shared many of the same core values about connecting people through positive interactions,”

“Most of all, we were compelled by the ways they could help us realise tbh’s vision and bring it to more people.”

However, according to BBC, Facebook keeps a close eye over new companies and is willing to pay a premium to buy them rather than risk them developing into a threat.

Prof Mark Skilton from Warwick Business School, noted that “This is the latest example of Facebook snapping up a start-up that could potentially game-change the way people consume social media and erode its own user base.”

Tbh believes that the app’s success was a sign of teenagers craving more positive interactions online.

“While the last decade of the internet has been focused on open communication, the next milestone will be around meeting people’s emotional needs,” it said.

Facebook said in a statement, that it shares a common goal with tbh, “of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together.”

“We’re impressed by the way tbh is doing this by using polling and messaging, and with Facebook’s resources tbh can continue to expand and build positive experiences.”

BBC reports that the acquisition has been welcomed by a leading anti-bullying charity, although other efforts were still required.


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