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Rwanda To Deploy First Ever All Female Police Unit To South Sudan


Rwanda To Deploy First Ever All Female Police Unit To South Sudan

Rwanda Police is to deploy its first ever batch of 160 female Police Officers in South Sudan, under the UN Mission.

The Formed Police Unit (FPU), will be led by Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Teddy Ruyenzi who confirmed that the contingent is “well prepared and ready to carry out any challenging tasks.”

Protection of Civilian sites is their bigger role, however, the group’s commander pointed out that “Gender based violence is still a matter of concern especially in conflict countries, and we will also approach it with utmost urgency it deserves.”

CSP Ruyenzi is also hopeful that they won’t encounter unusual challenges, due to the policing experience in Rwanda and wider knowledge on employing community policing methods in maintaining security and peace.

“These female officers are well prepared and ready to confront any threat that may threaten the security of mainly women and children in internally displaced camps,” she added.

The female FPU contingent will, apart from providing general security to the civilian population, ensure women issues in civilian sites are attended to appropriately.

She also said that the contingent is well equipped with the necessary tools required for the task ahead and “looks forward to contributing to restoration of hope to devastated communities.”

“Children, women and families in general, suffer most as a result of the conflicts. Female peacekeepers will help them in a recovery from conflicts, that largely

involve child soldiers and rape as a weapon of war.”

UNMISS Police Commissioner, CP Bruce Munyambo, briefed the all-female contingent on the mission and probable challenges, of which he said they “can be triumphed upon with personal and collective discipline.”

“It is expected that all UN police personnel would dedicate themselves to their work, and be courteous but firm and professional in all their dealings with the public,” CP Munyambo told the officers.

Rwanda currently has 1000 Police officers in seven UN missions, including four FPU contingents and a Protection Support Unit (PSU) in the Central African Republic, Haiti and South Sudan..



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