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First Lady Calls For Strong Family Values And Child Care


First Lady Calls For Strong Family Values And Child Care

Rwanda’s First Lady, Mrs Jeannette Kagame, has called for strong family values and increased attention to child growth and welfare.

She made the call while officiating the launch of an integrated, two months, nationwide campaign on good governance and family promotion on Wednesday, in Kirehe district.

The first lady also opened early child development center that was established by parents, in Karambi village, with the support the Anglican Church.

The center provides services for child growth, up to three years. She requested that such centers be increased, since they don’t cost much and have significant contribution to the child and family stability.

“It requires us to continue the trust among ourselves, remembering that we all do it for the Rwandan family.”

As chairperson of Imbuto Foundation, the first lady revealed that the organization has established such centers in 16 districts, since 2013. It has benefitted 4,900 children.

Family can be destabilized by many concerns, “that is why this platform was put in place to remind ourselves of the values appropriate for the Rwandan family,” she said.

“All programs for enhancing social welfare start with family, that’s why we say the family is the basis of all.”

“It is necessary that we care for every Rwandan health with a wider perspective, good governance and family and health programs go together. One can’t succeed without the other, that’s the direction our country’s leadership took,” she added.

According to the Ministry for Gender and Family promotion, the Early Childhood Development policy is “a response to the notable gaps in informal education, its quality assurance and emerging priorities such as promotion of family values, being high on the government agenda.”






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