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S. Africa’s Gauteng Provincial Legislators Visit Rwanda For Big Reason


S. Africa’s Gauteng Provincial Legislators Visit Rwanda For Big Reason

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), on Tuesday hosted a delegation of six legislators from Gauteng Province, South Africa.

The legislators are on a study tour in the country to learn about how Rwanda’s parliament executes its business and governance issues.

Head of the delegation, Hon. Lentheng Ntombi Mekgwe, speaker of the Gauteng provincial legislature, said that they learnt from Rwanda’s constitution to gather ideas for their own, that is in process of amendment.

“Even though most parts of your constitution are similar to ours, we want to know the things that are not working for us, that are working for you, what is it that we can take home,” she said.

“We hold citizen responsibility programs, almost similar to umuganda, but we implement them differently, but we want to see what we can improve,” she added.

Mekgwe also lauded the gender equality policy Rwanda has enforced. Rwanda leads the world with 64 percent of women seats in the lower house of the  national legislature.

“In south Africa we started with 30 percent women participation and amended to 50 percent, in my party we have a zebra model, where if a man is number one in position, a lady should be number two, but if there are women in top five or ten, we don’t change them,we would rather have more men than women,” she explained.

However, she said the challenge is that other parties have no similar policy, which makes women numbers to dwindle at national level positions.

Prof. Shyaka Anastase, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), introduced to team the history of the institution, its achievements and the governance model Rwanda has decided to take.

“Our model of government is inspired by our history and the path we want to take moving forward,” he said.

The CEO also expounded on fundamental transformation pillars of security and accountability, that has led Rwanda to where it stands, given its tragic past instigated by poor leadership.

The implementation of home grown solutions and citizen ownership of programs  such as Umuganda, Ubudehe, Girinka, Ubudehe,Itorero,Gacaca Courts among others, were highlighted instruments that enhanced national unity and reconciliation among Rwandans.  

The legislators had earlier visited the Genocide memorial at Gisozi and the parliament.

Gauteng is the smallest province of South Africa and also the most populous and urbanized.

It is the economic hub of South Africa, generating over One third of the country’s GNP and around 8% of Africa’s GNP.

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