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EXCLUSIVE: Rwigaras Plot to Overthrow Government Comes to Light (Part Two)

Yesterday Taarifa broke the news of a plan by Diane Rwigara and her family, with the support of what the government has identified as ‘external enemies of the state’ and convicted fugitives, to overthrow the government.

Like we did in the first segment, in this second segment we have WhatsApp Voice Notes which the suspects used when communicating with their external networks about this plan.

They initially used WhatsApp messages, but later came to learn that they could record and send information between themselves.

In one of the audio clips, one relative is heard saying how this method eased communication because typing messages had become tedious but after the change she felt as though the other person were “actually there.”

In this segment, we focus on the links of the Rwigaras with RNC operatives, and the intrigues and power struggles within RNC, and efforts to portray and project Kayumba Nyamwasa as some kind of God Father within RNC.

Links to RNC

The key external actors in this segment are:
Junduli: Benjamin Rutabana, Adeleine’s brother, who introduced them to Muganga: Jean Paul Turayishimye, who is head of intelligence in RNC, previously linked to terror attacks in Rwanda, and the key frontman for
“Uwo Hepfo”: Kayumba Nyamwasa

Interestingly, David Himbara has no code names. He is alternatively called David or Himbara in the audios.

Adeline Rwigara: “Please tell Junduli that I am grateful for connecting me to Muganga. Otherwise he (Junduli) doesn’t talk to us much anymore,” she speaks with a tone of sadness to the distance that has come with her relative for a reason that is unclear. (End)

Tabitha Gwiza: “You keep reminding me that Muganga is ours. He is more than ours. He is very argumentative, yes; and we are also not easy either, I suspect we are related,” she speaks admirably of Muganga, who seems to have won the trust of the family.

“ I told him we should go for a DNA test to find out if we are not related. He is such a nice guy. Unfortunately he is going back to school and yet he has to mix it with these high-profile politics.”

“You know he is deeply immersed into it [politics] to the marrow. And he is highly trusted by everyone. You know he is also the blood and right hand man of the man in South Africa [Uwo Hepfo].”

“He is his [Kayumba’s] heartbeat…He trusts him more than everyone. He is hard-working. He is trustworthy. And he is fiercely feared…he is ours.”

“He has penetrated the family. But you and him are too close. The way he loves you. How he cares about you more than all of us. He is incomparable. Not even 10%. God brought him at the right time. Let me not dwell on him. And by the way he taught us how to make these audios. Then you also taught me how to do it. You know writing [Whatsap messages] was stressful. Why didn’t we know how to do this earlier [laughs].” (End).

Meanwhile, one of the two characters we mentioned in Part 1, code named “Mukobanyi,” has brought predicament to the Rwigaras, but the family, particularly Diane Rwigara, cant get rid of him. In one of the audios Adeline says that he is an ex-boy friend to Diane.

Notably, Mukobanyi also communicates with Kayumba, Jean Paul [Muganga] and David Himbara.

Here is an extract from Adeline’s WhatsApp Voice Note to Gwiza in which Adeline doesn’t seem to give a damn about the ex-boyfriend.

Adeline: “I have warned Diane, but she does not listen to me…she told me they don’t love each other anymore, but they are into these activities together…everywhere, all the time. They are involved in many activities, they have recruited many followers”

“Yet, Muganga keeps telling me that he [Mukobanyi] works with them [authorities], but Diane dismisses it. One day Diane saw a message in my phone. In the message, [Kayumba] says that Mukobanyi is a mole. Meanwhile, earlier, Mukobanyi had used Diane’s phone to send messages to Kayumba without Diane’s knowledge. They sent me messages asking me to tell Diane to delete all the messages from her phone. Mind you, Muganga has convinced me 200% that he [Mukobanyi] works with government, but Diane continued dismissing it. Diane saw this message from Muganaga in my phone…she went and told Mukobanyi of what is being said about him by Kayumba and Muganga. Immediately, Mukobanyi [Diane’s ex-boy friend] picks Diane’s cell phone and calls Kayumba.” (End).


Intrigues in RNC

In one of the WhatsApp Voice notes, a character code-named Muganga whose real name is Jean Paul Turayishimye and is in the leadership of RNC spends quite some time the lecturing Adeline Rwigara. He lectures her on the command structures and who is who in RNC.

He begins with a warning. “Did you know you could die and we never get to know because of your secrecy?”

“You should tell us everything, and maybe request that we never share the information,” Muganga advices Adeline.

Muganga reveals to her, for example, that Junduli [Ben Rutabana] sent him “confusing messages” asking about David Himbara’s interest in an incident involving Diane Rwigara.

Himbara had asked Junduli about Diane Rwigara’s arrest at Addis Ababa airport. Junduli told him that he doesn’t know anything about it and that instead he should ask Muganga because he would know. Junduli clearly doesn’t go along with Himbara.

Himbara then called Muganga for details. “He asked me that, ‘if Jundili does not know, how can you know, why is he referring me to you?”

Himbara tells Turayishimye that he knows Diane had been arrested. “I asked him where he had gotten the information from,” Muganga says. “He told me that he has ‘trusted sources’ within the senior command of the Rwanda Defense Forces, (RDF)…not at the level of James [Kabarebe] of course, but senior.”

Suddenly, Muganga begins to complain that the Rwigaras had broken the party rules of sharing information with other people before they tell him as the spokesperson.

“Anyway, please don’t keep secrets from us,” he warns Adeline. “Mark you, what is there to hide? You can keep information from us and the next day you find someone had been arrested and kept in a safe house and eventually tortured.”

From his tone, Muganga seems jealous and sounds disappointed that the Rwigaras preferred to tell Himbara something this important over him.

He implies to them that telling Himbara is a waste of time because he can’t do anything for them apart from writing something on the Internet unlike him who could engage Kayumba to prepare a rescue or intervene in case something bad were to happen to them.

“We have our people there, we would call someone to do something.” This is indication that RNC has infiltrated the government or has sympathisers within the government.

RNC is experiencing an internal power struggle as a result of trivial intrigues. One camp, Turayishimye’s, is loyal to Kayumba as the leader and demands that all members must respect him and the structures he has put in place.

The other camp, where David Himbara belongs, wants to be equals or at least “independent” and do not want to be told what to do. They don’t seem to respect this party structure that has been laid down and are reluctant to operate from it. As a result, they are creating their own power centers outside the structure.

Taarifa has established that Himbara despises the first camp. He wants to remain independent and do things his own way. He answers to nobody and has no declared allegiance or affiliation.

Nonetheless, there is a rift within RNC, yet at the same time, its known supporters are active in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Unconfirmed reports suggest that RNC has activities going in the region, with some governments keeping a blind eye as they mobilise from their soil.

Taarifa has not been able to determine what kind of intel Police investigators have gathered on this network and the Rwigaras, but telling from some of the material we have obtained, security authorities are in possession of critical information.

We are following up the case closely. We will bring you more details as events unfold. Meanwhile, Police is left with two days provided by the law for the Rwigaras to be in Police custody. They were arrested last week, on Saturday evening.

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