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IN PICTURES: What Was In EXPO 2017?


IN PICTURES: What Was In EXPO 2017?

Last minute shoping: Levelers rashing to buy stuff before the EXPO ends tonight

RDB’s has one of the fanciest stands, right at the entrance

RDB came to exhibit tourism. Gorilla costumes dressed to entetain levelers


The Ministry of Trade and East Affrican Community Affairs recently changed to Ministry on Trade and Industries had a stand

Media didn’t miss out: Rwanda Broadcasting Agency TV & Radio

Health Insurance Company MAYFAIR offering its services

I&M Bank in the blue and white

BK wouldn’t miss on expo helping people to open up bank account for free

Making the difference in expo, KCB runs the last day

For the the development and part of Atlas Mara Development Bank of Rwanda is ending the expo today on

A huge cup of tea at SORWATHE pouring for customers

Within a layout of different types of tea

Petrol socities didn’t miss out on the expo

Mothers were not forgotten Nootri Mama

With different entertainment even for kids

Kids fun on colorful toys

Beads artist

Handcraft bracelets are made on spot

With your names on the them, bracelets are made on command

Uganda made wines are in the expo ground today as the last day

As many and different as they are on set

Not only alcoholic drinks but BellaWine from Uganda also brought juices

If you went to school in Rwanda in the 90’s and 2000 you surely remember Super Dip orange, yellow or black powder……. it is back on the market

Onga and Super Dip in the same stand……..

Marble samples available

Out door walls with different kind of painting

Hash, Hummer, blocks, blade,…. all the kind pave

Even in the late hour food and drinks are still there



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