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Waka Fitness Helped Rukundo Lose 45Kgs

Sarah Rukundo has lost 45Kgs in less than 24 months. Fact. She indeed did. A member of Waka Fitness, Rukundo attributes what has become a source of her pride and gratification in life to the constant support Waka Fitness offers through consistent supervision and encouragement. And yes, regular checkups.

Rukundo gets the drills from a coach

“Waka Fitness has completely changed my life. Since I joined the gym, it has become my second home and the skills and values we receive have indeed become part and parcel my lifestyle,” says Rukundo .

Waka Fitness, which celebrated its third anniversary a week ago, appears to be more than just a gym, but rather a community of people who care and support each other.

Dennis Dybdal, Waka Fitness co-founder and Marketing Director, has announced various ongoing activities in the Waka Fitness annual calendar.

Africa’s first Strong Women’s Competition to be hosted in Rwanda is one of them.

Dybdal says the competition aims at encouraging women to “reach their full potential” and help them dispense the ideals of a woman embodied in the traditional African society that restrains women from exploiting their full potential.

Throwing more light on the gyms’ philosophy and objectives, Dybdal says that Waka Fitness result-oriented curriculum and programs go beyond dealing with the obsolete societal norms that hindered African women from achieving the best out of their potential.

The curriculum has proven components that aim at empowering women with intellectual strength through drills that stimulate and enhance development of their intellect and gaining physical strength.

But this is not a women’s gym. It is a general and complete professional gym with professional coaches. “We offer an internationally recommended packages of weight lifting to ensure proper, systematic, coordinated and balanced development of the body. Clients are sure to gain the fitness goals once they join the gym,” says Dybdal.

The whole package involves coaching and imparting the right skills and knowledge to the clients, Dybdal adds.

Other activities at Waka Finess include outdoor such as the Waka warrior race, which features intense physical challenges of a traditional military obstacle course combined with a strong community and fan base.

As for the upcoming event, slated to take place in May this year, “We called it Waka because we want to help people ignite their hidden passion to make them focused in order to attain their goals as well as triggering health-sensitive lifestyles,” said Dybdal.

Waka Ftness goes an extra mile to organize different activities that bring together the community. They have a nutritional seminar that gives people knowledge on their health and what the appropriate diet.

Dybdal also said that they believe in giving back to the community such as a free run every Monday, and every Friday, a member is allowed to come with a friend.

Members of the gym benefit in many ways such as networking, access to free wi-fi and annual members get to swim at Hotel Milles Collines for free.

Dybdal says that Waka Fitness started at a time when most gyms in Kigali city offered limited services and it aimed at providing alternative services that people needed.

“We value all our customers and we believe that the biggest mistake would be when we forget one person. We are a family and we genuinely care for each other,” says Dybdal.

Testimonies of beneficiaries

Meanwhile, Rukundo shares a common factor with all the clients at Waka Fitness. None of them regrets their choice and they appreciate the value for their money.

“Waka goes an extra mile of whereby the gym instructors continuously access the progress of the trainees through out the course duration until the intended results are realisms,” says Rukundo.

“I lost 45kgs in just one-and-a half years because I had instructors who were supportive time to time and encouraged me to perform better,” she confessed.

She further said that working out is not only about losing weight but it help one live an energetic, confident and healthy life.

“It all comes back to loving how you look and being comfortable with your own skin appearance. If you want results, push yourself to the limit,” adds Urukundo.

About Waka Fitness

Waka Fitness commonly known as Waka Waka located in Kimihurura, a suburb of Kigali city. Waka Fitness derives it name from a Swahili word that means to ignite.

It is spacious, furnished with the state-of-the art equipment, qualifying it to be the best gym in Kigali city.

Highest standards of cleanliness are maintained right from the reception to the washrooms. A guest will notice that all the users of this health facility, workers included, are highly responsible and sensitive of a clean environment.

There are nine dedicated and qualified instructors and 915 members. Newcomers receive consultation services from a permanent consultant who takes various measurements and carries out fitness tests before assigning them to particular instructors. Proper records of every trainee are kept to allow continuous assessment of progress.

The careful planning of the activities, consistence alongside the extra attention in cleaning their equipment and quality maintenance is what creates a big difference at Waka Fitness from other gyms.

“We always follow up on our clients, guide them on their journey and teach them how to stay healthy on their day to day lives.” Said Evans Twino, a personal trainer at Waka.

Alexia Mupende, a famous model, also works at this fitness centre. She says the membership fee is affordable and attractive.

“When you compare the amount you pay to get the quality services, you will love our prices. We organize seminars for our clients and many activities both indoors and outdoors that benefit our clients,” Mupende says.



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