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Rwandan Rebel Group Confirms Presence In Uganda, Arresting Gatsinzi


Rwandan Rebel Group Confirms Presence In Uganda, Arresting Gatsinzi

A story published by Virunga Post on Monday morning sheds light on how the Rwanda National Congress reveled its operations on Uganda’s territory.

The story also explains the collaboration between RNC and Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Fidele Gatsinzi, a Rwandan national, who was recently kidnapped by RNC operatives in Kampala and handed to CMI for torture, has become the epitome.

Gatsinzi narrated to journalists the nature of the abuse he suffered under illegal detention in CMI.

Between the lines of the description of his ordeal, Virunga Post picked “a rather revealing anecdote about how empowered the RNC operatives really are in Uganda as if it is a formal security branch and how it is acting with serious impunity.”

“As I walked out of the Capital Shoppers mall in Ntinda, where I had gone to buy a pair of socks, I saw two young men,” Gatsinzi recalled. “I knew one of them, who is called Mukombozi, but I didn’t know the other, I only knew him as a Rwandan.”

The young men approached Gatsinzi.

They pointed to another young man at a distance and said that he “wants to greet you.”

He asked them who the young man is. “It is Rugema Kayumba,” they replied.

At this point, everything seemed fine and casual. “I was basically making a friendly conversation with two young men,” he said adding that, “It was in the middle of the day in a busy place and right across from where we were chatting from is a police station.”

But soon the mood would change.

Before Gatsinzi made another quip suggestion that the young men should respect him, as an elder, “I told them from what I can see this is a young man. He should be the one to come greet me.”

The tone of things changed instantly.

“They forcefully moved me to where Rugema Kayumba was waiting in a car.” Virunga has exclusively learnt that the vehicle belongs to Kayumba Rugema’s wife Peace Rugema. It is a family thing now.

Meanwhile, Rugema began to shower Gatsinzi with all kinds of insults and threats in public view. “I’m going to lock you up until you rot in jail, you people attempted to kill Affande Kayumba Nyamwasa and you killed Karegeya,” Rugema warned Gatsinzi, wagging a pistol gun in his face.

“The young men confiscated my phone and bundled me inside Rugema’s car,” Gatsinzi recalls.

Gatsinzi was tied on the stairway; half-naked in a freezing wet room

The RNC operatives then drove off to a CMI detention center in Kireka.

Virunga Post reports that, “these RNC operatives didn’t care that they were abducting an innocent person in open view of the police.”

“Their arrogant conduct involving openly harassing an innocent person means they knew well that no police intervention would stop their operation.”

They were acting freely as if the RNC is a mandated security entity in Uganda that is now operating alongside CMI.

It is important to note that these incidences are happening at a time when Uganda has a long list of genocide fugitives still walking freely on its soil.

Virunga Post also reported that it’s been close to 10 years since Rwanda sent a request to Uganda to execute its international obligation by extraditing 226 genocide fugitives on Interpol red notice; instead of the authorities in that country are busy arresting innocent Rwandans.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFET) recently wrote a note verbale to Uganda asking for explanations surrounding the 41 intercepted RNC rebel recruits at the Kikagati border who were on their way to Minembwe, DRC, for training via Burundi.

Nevertheless, RNC has publicly admitted to the existence of their operations on Ugandan soil with the direct involvement of Uganda’s CMI.

Rugema Kayumba himself posted an update on his Facebook account on Sunday saying that, “We are in Uganda denouncing Rwanda…we are in Uganda as sacrifice on alter of freedom.”

The circumstances of Gatsinzi’s arrest show that a genuine response from Uganda would have to explain the circumstances that have led to the RNC deployment and amassing this kind of influence on its territory as well as General Abel Kandiho of CMI and RNC marriage where the latter seems to have taken an upper hand.

Without this, expect the arrest of innocent Rwandans in Uganda to continue since it’s used to conceal this RNC-CMI scheme that is aimed at destabilizing Rwanda.

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