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Dr. Ruvuma Arrested Over CMI And RNC Rebel Recruits


Dr. Ruvuma Arrested Over CMI And RNC Rebel Recruits

On Monday December 18, a Ugandan news website, ChimpReports, published a story titled “Exclusive: UPDF Colonel’s Brother, Dr. Ruvuma, Arrested Over Rwanda Refugees Saga.”

According to the story, Dr. Ruvuma, a brother to Lt. Colonel Gideon Katinda, is being charged with human trafficking in relation to the recent 41 rebel recruits of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) that the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) was trying to sneak through the border of Kikagati via Burundi to Minembwe, DRC, for training.

ChimpReports reported that two people had managed to evade arrest at the Kikagati border.

One of the two suspects is Dr. Sam Ruvuma. Dr. Ruvuma was arrested on Monday at a local church in Mbarara district that belongs to a Rwandan Pastor Deo Nyirigira who is an RNC senior cadre in Mbarara.

This website has learnt that the second suspect is Felix Mwizerwa, a son of Pastor Nyirigira, who is still at large.

Lt. Colonel Katinda and Kayumba Nyamwasa:

Lt. Colonel Katinda

We have exclusively confirmed that Lt. Colonel Gideon Katinda, currently of the UPDF Military Court, is a longtime friend to Kayumba Nyamwasa since school days in Uganda.

It is through this friendship that Dr. Ruvuma was able to acquire a Rwandese government scholarship at Butare University to study medicine in 1995.

After completing senior six in Uganda Dr. Ruvuma had financial difficulties continuing his studies at university.

At the time Colonel Kayumba Nyamwasa, used his influence to sneak Sam Ruvuma to benefit from that scholarship scheme at Butare University in 1995, where he went on to graduate in medicine in 2002.

After graduating Dr. Sam Ruvuma in different government positions before returning to school for a masters degree at Mbarara University of Science and Technology where he graduated in 2008 with specialization in optical care.

He again got a government job in Rwanda
later that year when he was posted as the Director of Gisenyi Hospital in the Western part of Rwanda. A year into his job, issues of financial mismanagement emerged. Sensing an audit, he fled the country to Uganda before any charges had been brought against him.

A financial audit was carried out and indeed what he feared was confirmed by investigations that led to the arrest and conviction of the Director of Finance of the Hospital on forgery and embezzlement charges to which Dr. Ruvuma was also implicated and remained a fugitive.

Clearly, therefore, Dr. Ruvuma did not “relocate to Uganda in search of green pastures” as ChimpReports says in its story and some of the “cases of harassment against him”.

Dr. Ruvuma misses his own wedding:

In 2015 Dr. Ruvuma was supposed to attend his marriage introduction ceremony in Nyamata, Bugesera, to Aline Umutoni.
As the day of the introduction (gusaba) neared, they were shocked when he called and told them that he would not attend because he was going for a conference in Ethiopia.

Something did not add up. They became suspicious. He asked some of them to attend the function, assuring them that the function would go on even in his absence, because he had sent some people to stand in for him.

Everything went well and the bride-to-be was given the blessings and later joined her husband in Mbarara.

He would later reveal to his friends that the reason he stayed away was because he had feared for an eminent arrest due to the charges in relation to the missing funds during his tome at Gisenyi Hospital.

Loyalty to Kayumba:

Dr. Ruvuma had recently become a devoted Christian and had been spending much of his time at Pastor Nyirigira’s church in Mbarara.

Sources have intimated to this website that the church is being used to launder RNC activities including using it as a meeting place to coordinate the recruitment of rebels with the facilitation of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

To reward Kayumba for facilitating his education, Dr. Ruvuma had signed on to work for the RNC.

However, it is hoped that Uganda will, in the interest of justice, apprehend the other missing person in the border saga, Felix Kwizera, and others involved in recruiting for RNC, a terrorist organisation that actively seeks to destabilize Rwanda.

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