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Despite The Rwigara’s Citing Sickness, Their Appeal On Temporary Detention Adjourned


Despite The Rwigara’s Citing Sickness, Their Appeal On Temporary Detention Adjourned

The High Court on Thursday adjourned its ruling on Diane and Adeline’s appeal for temporary detention.

This was after lengthy submissions from the defendants, which centered on the previous Nyarugenge intermediate court decisions, about Adeline Mukangemanyi’s health condition and the claim by lawyers of not receiving the prosecution’s court files.

Adeline who had earlier written a letter to judges explaining her health condition, appeared in court on Thursday, donned in the pink inmate attire, with her hair cut short. She told the court that she is so sick due to the conditions at the detention facility, which is “not well ventilated and lacks hot shower that was recommended by her doctor.”

Adeline also maintained that she is so weak to continue appearing before court, adding that her meetings with the doctor are heavily guarded by prison officers that she is not free to disclose some health information. “I am here just for you to see that I am sick,” she said.

In addition, Diane’s mother said she doesn’t have access to all her medical files since prison authorities keep them after every medical consultation.

Her lawyer Gatera Gashana requested the court to order that medical confidentiality be observed while she consults her doctor.

“My client is always in medical consultations, but has no access to her medical files to follow the doctor’s instructions…all her medical files are monitored, she can’t freely express herself with all the prison officers around her,” Gashabana added.

However, the prosecution said that Adeline didn’t adduce documented evidence describing her medical situation by the doctor who is attending to her, noting that “what they are showing is a consultation form.”

The prosecution also requested the court not to validate Adeline’s health claims saying that “she is not sick because of the detention conditions, because even people from their homes go for health checkups”.

The court ruled in favour of the prosecution on grounds that the document produced doesn’t indicate the doctor’s confirmation of Adeline’s inability to appear before court.

Meanwhile, Diane revealed that she was ready for court proceedings, defending herself on the charges preferred against her as trumped up, politically motivated and were “meant to take me off the political scene,” after her desire to contest for presidency.

She accused government and the ruling RPF party of creating falsehoods through charges that are “baseless,” questioning the independence of the court handling the case, saying it would require courage for the judges to set her free.

Prosecution cautioned Diane on some statements, clarifying that there is evidence from investigations to back up charges against her and it is up to the court to judge on the matter.

“We didn’t create the illegalities, we are prosecution with a constitutional mandate…that’s why you’re still innocent by now until you are found guilty, we therefore request that you show some respect as you speak.”

They will appear before court again on to November 21 at 3pm.

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