New Information And Communication Technologies Have Presented Africans With An Opportunity To Tell Our Story – Prof. Shyaka  

Rwanda Governance Board CEO Prof. Anastaste Shyaka has recognized the opportunities brought about the new information technologies and the need to device ways to overcomes related challenges.

Prof. Shyaka was speaking at the event to celebrate the Africa Day of Information and the ninth media dialogue in Kigali.

‘To get information, you no longer have to wait for news editions and announcements in traditional media outlets, just a five minute scan in social media   gives you it all.’’

‘’However, the problem lies in that some of the content shared on the new media platforms are “fake news” while also Ill-intentioned people use it to spread hatred, racism and destructive ideologies.’’ he said.

RGB’s CEO noted that the ‘dialogue is an important occasion to reflect on the role and state of Africa’s media in a rapidly changing world that is affecting media businesses and landscape.’

‘‘Not so long ago, we have witnessed an impressive revolution in the way news is gathered, delivered and consumed. It is a result of the New Information and Communication Technologies that have become the order of the day, ‘he observed.

Under the theme “Positioning African Media in the digital era,” media experts are expected to strategize on how to deal with digital threats without harming the media industry.




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